121 Marcus Clarke Commercial Building ACT

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of  Baulderstone  undertook the hydraulic services on 121 mcs commercial building , The project consisted  of 12 storey office space  , 4 level underground car park

Key Hydraulic Components on 121 MCS project:

  •  Design & Construct contract
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Syphonic Design and construct component

4 National Ct Barton ACT

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of lend lease undertook the hydraulic services on the 4 National ct Barton project , The project consisted of two 6 storey office spaces , 4 level underground car parks, and plant rooms .

Key Hydraulic Components on 4 national  ct Barton:

  •  Civil Stormwater Works :  Detention Tanks ,Perimeter civil stormwater  and Gross pollution traps
  • Rainwater Harvest :  Syfonic system  harvesting roof rainwater to collection tank consisting of 100,000ltr Stainless Steel panel

Project Tenancy’s:

  • Austrac
  • ADG Fit Out
  • Creche

Raine Square

Axis WA on behalf of Probuild Constructions and MPM Williams Joint Venture undertook the Hydraulic Services and Mechanical Piping on the Raine Square office tower, retail precinct and heritage listed buildings.

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Axis WA on behalf of Brookfield Multiplex undertook a wide range of services on the new Fiona Stanley Hospital. These services include Hydraulic, Mechanical Piping and Medical Gas Piping to various buildings, including the following:

Building A – Educational Teaching Block

Building B – Main Hospital

Building D – Mental Health Building

Building E – Administration

Building R – Mental Health 

Building Y – Central Energy Plant

WA Institute of Medical Research Building

Enex 100 (100 St Georges Terrace)

Axis WA on behalf of Desair Hastie Joint Venture undertook the Mechancial Pipework package which included but not limited to chilled, heating and condenser water on the office tower and retail precinct at 100 St Georges Terrace; affectionately known as Enex 100.

Currie Hall – University of WA Student Accommodation

Axis WA on behalf of Probuild Constructions undertook the completion of the Hydraulic Services to Building B and C on the new Currie Hall student accommodation buildings. 

The timeframe coupled with taking over the project from a previous contractor made the project slightly more challenging than normal.

Carousel Shopping Centre

Axis WA on behalf of BurkeAir undertook the Mechanical Pipework for the chiller and pipework upgrade to the prestigious Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre, this being the first commercial property in WA to have chillers in series.

A tight time frame of four months to complete all works, with at peak, 29 employees on the project and it was finished 3 weeks ahead of programme.

Wiri Prison

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Aquaheat undertook the HVAC piping and Gas services at Wiri Prison. With 25 buildings across the 17Ha site, this site posed a unique set of challenges. 

The site wide gas reticulation was completed in PE pipe and electro fusion couplers and totalled over 3km. The HVAC system comprises of a chilled water central plant with an in ground Insa Pipe PPR reticulation feeding the health, Admin and reception buildings and a localised Heating water plant room in each building requiring heating. This project was a GMP and held significant risk in terms of partially complete drawing and design at time of tender. This job has progressed well with our site team even winning an award for outstanding commitment to safety.

Britomart East 1 and 2

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Hastie NZ undertook the HVAC piping services of the East 1 & 2 buildings.

The two building are joined at each end with a large full height atrium to accommodate the Britomart central train station below. Constructed using Copper, Mild and Stainless Steel to base build levels and then altered as per tenant specifications. The most challenging aspect of this project was the amalgamation of the initially planned two separate plant rooms into one large plant room operating independently of each other to serve each building.

ANZ Tower

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Airpro, undertook the HVAC piping services at ANZ tower. 

This 42 story tower building was partially tenanted throughout the construction and had staged handovers to relocating tenants. The most challenging aspect of this project was the staged upgrade of the plant and risers, including roof top cooling towers in 400mm Stainless steel while keeping the building operational around the tenants. Towards the end of this project Airpro went into liquidation and Axis Plumbing NZ were engaged directly by Fletcher interiors to complete the project. Axis Plumbing NZ completed our contract works on schedule.

73 Remuera Road

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of McAlpine Hussman undertook the HVAC piping services of the 73 Remuera road.

This was a Manson Property development this is the third such development which Axis Plumbing NZ have completed for this client in conjunction with McAlpine Hussman. Primarily a mixed use office and retail space utilising an air cooled heat recovery chiller this project was completed using Steel and PPR. 

21 Queen Street

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Numecon undertook the HVAC piping services of 21 Queen Street. 

The focus of this project was to upgrade the existing 12 floors and another 6 floors of office space. Constructed using mild and Stainless Steel, and PPR floor run outs to chilled beams on each floor . This project was completed over 12 months and was one of New Zealand’s first 5 star greenstar buildings.

Melbourne Connect

Project Description

Melbourne’s new innovation precinct, Melbourne Connect, is set to drive social and economic transformation, and create a progressive future for the University of Melbourne, its students and broader community.

Delivering a dynamic blend of uses – Melbourne School of Engineering, student accommodation, lab/research space, commercial, childcare, and a flagship Science Gallery – Melbourne Connect will create a vibrant hub where staff, students, researchers, businesses and start-up companies will come together to tackle major societal challenges, such as food security, changing technologies and urbanisation.

The precinct of 75,800m2 (GFA) is formed by three separate buildings, with the school of engineering and industry spaces connected by a ‘superfloor’ event and collaboration space above ground structure (with open space at its heart) and a precinct wide basement substructure.

Project Summary

  • 40-50% estimated energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • 3 buildings (10, 5 and 13 storeys) united by the ‘superfloor’ structure
  • 3,000 direct jobs including 2,500 job in commercial and scientific industries

Monash Hospital Emergency Department Extension

Project Description

The Victorian Government has invested $76.3 million in the Monash Medical Centre emergency department expansion and traffic improvement project.

The redevelopment will also improve access for ambulances arriving at emergency, meaning patients will get the vital care they need faster, and address traffic and congestion concerns making it safer and more efficient.

The expansion will also create a dedicated kids-only emergency area. This area is designed to provide children with a private, calm and compassionate environment and to help meet increasing demand for pediatric emergency care.

An additional 24 emergency department beds and an extra 10 short-stay beds for patients who need extended observation and care will be added.

A new Alcohol and Other Drug and Mental Health Hub will include a separate 24-hour, short-stay unit to treat people with mental health or alcohol and other drug problems in times of urgent need. It is one of six hubs being delivered across the state.

C7 Aurecon Building

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Lendlease undertook the hydraulic services on the C7 Aurecon Building in Docklands Victoria. 

This project included one basement carpark level, Ground floor retail tenancies and 8 levels of office space. Works undertaken were for the base building and integrated fit out, all to Greenstar and NGERS requirements.  Buildings services installed included – sanitary waste/vents, greasy waste/vent, hot/cold water reticulation, rainwater harvesting plant/reticulation, stormwater drainage, gas service, fire hydrant/hosereel service, fixtures and tapware.

Westfield Carindale shopping centre

Westfield Carindale was a 2 stage major refurbishment and addition to the existing shopping centre which all took place over a period of 22 months. This consisted of the relocation of the major retailers, such as Woolworths, Coles Target and Kmart, as well as the Carindale Hotel, and an additional 110 retail tenancies, all situated in a brand new modern 5 star green star designed building.

Green Square North Tower

Green Square North Tower consisted of approximately 24,000 m2 of office space over 12 levels and 600m2 of retail space. Axis Plumbing Qld provided a 6 Star Green star Hydraulics Design and upon completion the building was acknowledge by the Green Council.

Gatton Prison

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Baulderstone undertook the hydraulic services on the The Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct (Gatton SQCP) 300-bed prison, including two secure accommodation cell block units to accommodate the 104 high security prisoners, and nine residential accommodation blocks to accommodate the remaining 196 prisoners. 

Other buildings constructed within the secure centre include administration, kitchen, laundry, workshops, bulk store and medical centre. Located outside the perimeter of the correctional centre are a visitor processing building, staff amenities and training facility, dog squad building and a number of central facilities buildings for services such as energy and wastewater treatment. This was also to be the first correctional centre to implement sustainable practices across the design, construction and operational phases of the project.

ABC Brisbane Accommodation Project

ABC decided to amalgamate all of their separate offices locate all over Brisbane to the one new building designed to accommodate every facet of their organisation. 

This consisted of TV and Radio broadcasting, post production facilities, A full size orchestra rehearsal Hall, music practice studios and large open plan office space.

Axis Plumbing were responsible for a 6 Star Green star full design ,with a rainwater storage and re-use system to facilitate maximum water conservation.

UNSW Student Accommodation

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Brookfield Multiplex undertook the hydraulic services for the UNSW Student accommodation.

The project included 399 bed rooms with more than 371 kitchens and bathrooms as well as a basement level car park spread over two buildings. University Terraces comprises two separate seven level buildings providing 371 self-contained apartments for undergraduate and postgraduate students with many featuring balconies to help maximize natural light to living spaces.

Royal Randwick Racecourse

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Brookfield Multiplex undertook the hydraulic services on the redevelopment of Randwick Racecourse. A world-class six-level grandstand and surrounding facilities that have increased the venue’s capacity to provide flexible spaces that can be used for both racing and non-race day events. The venue spans more than 200 acres with 15 unique indoor and outdoor spaces, which allows the racecourse to cater for conference events, exhibitions, trade shows, dinners and corporate days. 

The luxury racecourse offers a spectacular setting with a unique backdrop of trackside and cityscape views, high-class cuisine prepared by award-winning kitchens, free parking and state of the art technology.

Charles Perkins Centre

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Brookfield Multiplex undertook the hydraulic services for the Charles Perkins centre Project. Charles Perkins Centre, a major University of Sydney initiative with 46,700 square meters of research and education space. Located at Missenden Road in Camperdown, adjacent to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital precinct and will provide a world-class facility for research into the cause and treatment of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

The 10 level facilities will cater for 950 researchers and 1,445 undergraduate and post graduate students and will create a new social and educational hub for the western side of the University’s campus.

Amcor B9

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Leighton Contractors undertook the hydraulic services on the Amcor B9 Paper mill project.

The Botany B9 Paper Mill will generate high quality recycled paper from waste collected throughout the Sydney area.

It will produce paper-based products across a wider range of weights and create packaging that is lighter, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Royal North Shore Acute Building

Axis Plumbing on Behalf of Thiess undertook the hydraulic services on the Royal North Shore Hospital redevelopment project.

The redeveloped offers a new Main Hospital Building (Acute Care facility), a new Community Health Building and refurbishment to some existing buildings, providing:

  • 462 acute beds to complement the 124 beds provided within the already completed Douglas Building
  • 40 acute mental health beds
  • Additional chemotherapy and renal dialysis chairs
  • Enhanced diagnostic services and ambulatory care services, and
  • A total of 29 procedure and operating rooms