The services each of our companies provide are varied depending on the region within which they operate.

Australia – Pipework construction and maintenance within the hydraulic and mechanical services markets within the commercial building, industrial and mining sectors.

New Zealand – Pipework construction within the mechanical services markets within the commercial building sector.

New York City, Axis Mechanical Inc – Complete construction and maintenance services for the mechanical services market within the commercial building market sector.

Thailand, Axis Asia QS – Estimating and AutoCAD support office for the Group.

Axis Construction

The Axis Services Group provides a range of services for the construction phase of projects including hydraulic services relating to Water, Waste, Gas and Fire Services.

“The Group has had extensive involvement in Green Star projects and heavily promotes this through its design capabilities.”

On many of our projects we have had Grey Water and Black Water recycling treatment systems installed as well as Solar Hot Water applications. From the in-ground phase through to final fit-off, Axis Plumbing has the expertise required to complete a quality project.

Apart from the Hydraulic works, the Group has also forged its services and expertise in the Mechanical Pipe Work sector. In doing so, Axis Plumbing has broad experience across all systems associated with Heating, Cooling, Condensing, Co-Generation and Tri-Generation systems. The ability to undertake these works is further strengthened by the in-house prefabrication team which operates to serve all projects which benefit from this service.


Axis Maintenance Services (AMS) is focused on delivering a comprehensive, professional and efficient commercial plumbing service.

Through its financial capacity, extensive in-house resources and key supply partners, AMS are able to provide complete maintenance and reactive work services for the hydraulic (both civil and building) assets to an extensive range of medium to large scale projects.

  • General Maintenance to all Fixtures
  • Backflow Prevention Testing / RPZ Valve Certification
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing
  • WEMP Scheduling / Reporting / Testing
  • Testing & Certification of New Installations
  • Clearing of Sewer / Storm Water Drains (inc. CCTV Pipe Location & Surveying)
  • Hot Water Unit Installations & Replacement
  • Zip & Billi Unit Repairs / Installations
  • Roofing & Guttering Repairs
  • Filtration Systems
  • Gas Installations & Maintenance Services
  • Fire Hose Reel Installations
  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Procedures (Commercial Auditing)
  • Disaster Recovery Services


Leading the way with paperless reporting

AMS has invested in our future by providing our clients with one of the most sophisticated online Asset Management and reporting systems, AROFLO. You can keep track of all works performed to a particular asset as it builds an online history register. This helps you save money in the long term by reducing failure occurrences and selecting the correct asset replacement sequence.

AMS’ point of difference is our ability to serve our clients on a truly national level

With offices around Australia, we are able to provide a consistent and seamless approach which is supported by the AMS brand, its management and its technicians. We further support this with the use of mobile technologies which give us a broader coverage to accommodate our client’s needs, all day, every day. AMS deliver quality repair services to all aspects of hydraulic services and general plumbing. We have service technicians available throughout Australia 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our maximum response time for repairs is two hours. Our clients say they prefer us because of our in-depth knowledge and experience in commercial diagnostics and repairs.

Please see details for more information.

Axis Consulting Services Pty Ltd, (ACS) a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Services Group established an internal Hydraulic Services design capability in January 2018.

Our Approach
The philosophy enables Axis, to offer to clients high level expertise to deliver front end, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) advise across a range of Health, Correctional, Commercial, Educational projects for both Government and Private sector clients. This opportunity is offered as a free service to provide technical assurance and assist clients with development and certainty in Very Early Contractor Involvement tasks and activities, providing clients with certainty in price an program.

Ultimately this business aim to delivery high design and construction documentation for the national platform across Australia.

Our Team
ACS employs a mixture of designers, some of whom are modellers, single select REVIT modellers, and experienced personnel who lead the design activities.


  • Hydraulics – including sanitary plumbing and drainage, trade waste plumbing and drainage,  rainwater and stormwater, subsoil systems, rainwater harvesting, cold water, hot water flow and return, natural gas services
  • Fire – fire hydrants, fire hose reels
  • Civil - in delivery Axis are endorse by Sydney Water to construct, water, sewer and civil stormwater system networks for local government and Sydney Water
  • Medical Gases – oxygen, medical breathing air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, tool air

Green Building Council

Axis Services is proud to be a member of the Green Building Council Australia and promotes its business on the basis of working towards a greener future. 

“Our work practices are now becoming more reliant on the education of our staff and are bounded by sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to the industry. “

Our employees are all offered the opportunity to take advantage of the Membership through education and our clients are the beneficiaries of our knowledge and expertise.

Cost Planning

Axis Plumbing has two key estimating departments; these are based in Sydney (Australia) and Chiang Mai (Thailand). 

Whilst both departments look after all of the Groups estimating requirements, the Thailand office is also home to Certified Practising Cost Planners. Collectively the estimating and cost planning departments offer a full service relating to construction budgeting and estimation requirements.