Wiri Prison

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Aquaheat undertook the HVAC piping and Gas services at Wiri Prison. With 25 buildings across the 17Ha site, this site posed a unique set of challenges. 

The site wide gas reticulation was completed in PE pipe and electro fusion couplers and totalled over 3km. The HVAC system comprises of a chilled water central plant with an in ground Insa Pipe PPR reticulation feeding the health, Admin and reception buildings and a localised Heating water plant room in each building requiring heating. This project was a GMP and held significant risk in terms of partially complete drawing and design at time of tender. This job has progressed well with our site team even winning an award for outstanding commitment to safety.

Britomart East 1 and 2

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Hastie NZ undertook the HVAC piping services of the East 1 & 2 buildings.

The two building are joined at each end with a large full height atrium to accommodate the Britomart central train station below. Constructed using Copper, Mild and Stainless Steel to base build levels and then altered as per tenant specifications. The most challenging aspect of this project was the amalgamation of the initially planned two separate plant rooms into one large plant room operating independently of each other to serve each building.

ANZ Tower

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Airpro, undertook the HVAC piping services at ANZ tower. 

This 42 story tower building was partially tenanted throughout the construction and had staged handovers to relocating tenants. The most challenging aspect of this project was the staged upgrade of the plant and risers, including roof top cooling towers in 400mm Stainless steel while keeping the building operational around the tenants. Towards the end of this project Airpro went into liquidation and Axis Plumbing NZ were engaged directly by Fletcher interiors to complete the project. Axis Plumbing NZ completed our contract works on schedule.

73 Remuera Road

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of McAlpine Hussman undertook the HVAC piping services of the 73 Remuera road.

This was a Manson Property development this is the third such development which Axis Plumbing NZ have completed for this client in conjunction with McAlpine Hussman. Primarily a mixed use office and retail space utilising an air cooled heat recovery chiller this project was completed using Steel and PPR. 

21 Queen Street

Axis Plumbing NZ, on behalf of Numecon undertook the HVAC piping services of 21 Queen Street. 

The focus of this project was to upgrade the existing 12 floors and another 6 floors of office space. Constructed using mild and Stainless Steel, and PPR floor run outs to chilled beams on each floor . This project was completed over 12 months and was one of New Zealand’s first 5 star greenstar buildings.