The services each of our companies provide are varied depending on the region within which they operate.

Australia – Pipework construction and maintenance within the hydraulic and mechanical services markets within the commercial building, industrial and mining sectors.

New Zealand – Pipework construction within the mechanical services markets within the commercial building sector.

London, Axis M&E UK – Complete construction and maintenance services for the mechanical, electrical and public health markets within the commercial building sector.

New York City, Axis Mechanical Inc – Complete construction and maintenance services for the mechanical services market within the commercial building market sector.

Thailand, Axis Asia QS – Estimating and AutoCAD support office for the Group.


The Axis Services Group provides a range of services for the construction phase of projects including hydraulic services relating to Water, Waste, Gas and Fire Services.

“The Group has had extensive involvement in Green Star projects and heavily promotes this through its design capabilities.”

On many of our projects we have had Grey Water and Black Water recycling treatment systems installed as well as Solar Hot Water applications. From the in-ground phase through to final fit-off, Axis Plumbing has the expertise required to complete a quality project.

Apart from the Hydraulic works, the Group has also forged its services and expertise in the Mechanical Pipe Work sector. In doing so, Axis Plumbing has broad experience across all systems associated with Heating, Cooling, Condensing, Co-Generation and Tri-Generation systems. The ability to undertake these works is further strengthened by the in-house prefabrication team which operates to serve all projects which benefit from this service.


Axis Services Group also offers a full service of preventative and reactive maintenance.

The Group is continuing to expand operations into the maintenance market and offers extended maintenance programmes for construction projects as well as requirements for existing buildings and developments.


As a part of the complete service philosophy, Axis Plumbing also has the ability to involve itself in the design phase of a project. 

This is done to assist in value management, identification of better construction methods, material and resource rationalisation, co-ordination and provide a “front end” approach to a whole of project constructability.

Green Building Council

Axis Services is proud to be a member of the Green Building Council Australia and promotes its business on the basis of working towards a greener future. 

“Our work practices are now becoming more reliant on the education of our staff and are bounded by sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to the industry. “

Our employees are all offered the opportunity to take advantage of the Membership through education and our clients are the beneficiaries of our knowledge and expertise.

Cost Planning

Axis Plumbing has two key estimating departments; these are based in Sydney (Australia) and Chang Mai (Thailand). 

Whilst both departments look after all of the Groups estimating requirements, the Thailand office is also home to Certified Practising Cost Planners. Collectively the estimating and cost planning departments offer a full service relating to construction budgeting and estimation requirements.